Part 1 : "Live"

I was absolutely terrified. My first school trip was only a week away and I had never stayed on my own away from home. Luckily, my Dad was on-hand to provide one final way of persuading me to go...inside a giant box filled with all sorts of large, heavy objects he had buried a gift of my first camera. How I treasured that Canon Sureshot 35mm!

From that moment on I was hooked on photography. I simply loved the ability to freeze a moment in time and look back at it (after Boots had developed the photos, of course!).

Fast forward a few years and a few thousand photos, my new treasure became an early Canon 5D and I started as a professional wedding photographer.

Like many other people I began my wedding photography at a friend's wedding (whilst also being the bridesmaid!) and from there quickly built a business based solely on referrals. As the recommendations largely came from friends I had to make sure I did not I developed a super-flexible approach to listening to what people wanted and working with them to make their ideas a reality.

Over time this approach has become part of my photographer DNA. I feel very fortunate to be able to "Live" my passion for photography and share it with so many people, capturing their special days and moments. Although nowadays, these moments can be re-lived without waiting for your 35mm film to be developed!

In the next blog, "Laugh", I share how the experience of how being a parent showed me a different side to photography.

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