Part 2 : "Laugh"

I took the view finder away from my eye, turned around, and discovered I was completely alone! My whole family one coordinated, swift, silent move they had deserted me. I could hear them laughing as the lift doors closed. It was just another time where they had grown impatient with my "happy snapping" and left me in my own world.

Still, I was used to this situation. My professional wedding photography had taken a back seat so I could devote time to my children. In the eyes of my family, I had become a rather over-enthusiastic "happy snapper" simply because I did not want to miss a minute of them growing up. This meant, though, I was the butt of many, many jokes and moaning from the kids about not wanting their picture taken "AGAIN"!

Then, one September day that all changed when my youngest started schooling. The silence at home was both wonderful and dreadful, and I faced every stay-at-home parent's dilemma...what do I do next?

Throughout the "family years" I had been continually practicing my technique; much more than the simple "happy snapping" my children and husband ribbed me about. And, now I had my own personal time back again the pull of being a professional photographer was irresistible.

So, I updated my camera and studio equipment and enrolled on some refresher training courses for wedding photography and family photo shoots. Luckily, other than some advanced features on cameras I discovered that not much had changed in the world of photography (other than people's fashion sense!).

My passion for photography was as strong as ever. Thanks to my family's jokes I had also developed an even deeper self-awareness of keeping a sense of humour in all sorts of challenging situations. I am told that this shines through in my wedding photography and family photo shoots.

I'm getting the last laugh now...if one of my family inadvertently creates a photo opportunity I run for one of my cameras instead of my iPhone! And yes!, I am the sort of mother who will photograph her daughter asleep in her food before cleaning them up!

In the final blog, "Love", I will share how a personal tragedy gave me a whole different meaning to being a professional photographer.

To find out more about how my experiences have shaped my wedding photography, take a look at my Weddings page and my Family page.

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