Part 3 : "Love"

In a flashing instant, I fell apart.

It had come as no surprise but was still a massive shock! Unfortunately, it was not an uncommon story for someone to be admitted to hospital for a routine check up and then not make it out again.

But this time, it had happened to MY Dad. The man who had started my passion for photography and given me countless hours of patience, understanding, support, and love as I fumbled my way around a camera.

Before that moment, like most people, I had been happy to "snap" pictures almost anywhere and of anything. They were simply records of people, places, animals, food (!) - as I say ANYTHING. Curiously, those "snaps" still had the power to evoke memories about those moments in time...but, they were still missing SOMETHING.

I later learned the missing SOMETHING is provided by the photograph's composition, lighting, editing, timing, posing (or not) and these factors are the core skills of a professional photographer. It is possible, but rare, to find a "snap" that has bits of the SOMETHING and I am extremely fortunate to have a such a picture of my Dad. I look at it every day as I walk downstairs at home.

That is what drives me...being able to give other people the opportunity to own more than just "snaps". Hours of practice, refresher training courses, and real shoots become worthwhile because I am enabling people to be able to re-live and re-feel a moment in time.

Just like me and my Dad.


Having spent a few years working for the emergency medical services I have seen and experienced the pain and suffering brought by cancer. But, until my Dad died it wasn't personal. Now it is! I am lucky to have a profession that is also my passion and use it contribute back to society. That is why I have chosen to donate a proportion of my annual profits to Cancer Research UK ( each and every year I am in business.

To help people like my Dad.

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