kent wedding supplier - versastyle by laura

I was recently commissioned to take some headshots for a local hair stylist called Laura. She runs Versastyle by Laura in Canterbury, Kent. She is so talented and a real joy to be around.

Laura is a hairstylist specialising in braiding. She fell in love with hair when her daughter, Cammi, was 4 and discovered a world of online hair tutorials. She was surprised at how many types of braid there were. She soon ditched the boring school ponytails and Cammi was rocking up to class with pull through braids, rope twists, Dutch and French braids and more. Once Laura had grasped one type, she was onto the next style, and would send her daughter to school with a different hairstyle every day.

Fast forward a couple of years where friends and family started asking Laura to do their hair for special occasions. With her daughter becoming less enthusiastic at sitting still for practice Laura invested in her first mannequin training head. This was where the hair obsession really kicked in. A friend of Laura’s in the industry suggested she should start a business. Laura laughed it off at first as she didn’t know anything about doing hair professionally, but the idea wouldn't shift from her mind.

By 2018 Laura made the decision to get as much practice in as possible on anyone who would sit still long enough for her to try out a style. She honed in on her braids, perfecting her hand placement, equipment, products etc. By the beginning of 2019 she felt confident enough to tentatively dip her toe in the hairstyling industry.

Versastyle by Laura was born.

Shortly afterwards a friend recommended Laura to do a wedding. In Laura’s own words, “I won't lie, I was scared. I could braid, curl, straighten etc but was I ready for the pressure of creating hair for somebody's big day? “A trial was booked and Laura went into it feeling she had nothing to lose.

And that was the start of something amazing. The more wedding hair she did, the more confident she became. Laura started to incorporate her braiding skills into the styles chosen by her brides and developed her own signature techniques and styles.

Amazing reviews were coming in by this point and each one had Laura “happy dancing”. One mannequin head quickly became 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 until Laura finally stopped at 17, and moved onto wigs. Although this obsession has not completely gone away!

Always keen to improve and push herself further, Laura invested in a bridal lesson from her hairstyling idol, worldwide renowned stylist Beth Belshaw, from Sweetheartshair and was lucky enough to win another lesson from a leading Kent wedding hairstylist, and she hasn’t looked back.

Laura says “I absolutely LOVE my job and everyone who meets me says they can see my passion in my work. 2020 was going to be a year of Weddings for me, but with COVID-19 working its misery around the globe, I have had to step outside of the comfort zone again and follow another path. This time in teaching. This year I have taught 100s of people around the world how to braid. I did 18 free braiding workshops on Facebook, taught one-to-one online lessons via zoom, and now also run a successful hair group full of tutorials which is growing in popularity and has enabled me to continue my business in this challenging year. I now have approximately 200 different braid techniques in my repertoire and am continuing to build on these all the time.

My love of styling has also opened opportunities with other local suppliers where I have been invited to style hair for professional photoshoots. I am so excited to see where my hair journey will take me next. Thank you for reading, Laura xx

Versastyle by Laura is based in Canterbury, Kent offering mobile and studio appointments.

Her services include:

  • Bridal hair
  • Braiding
  • Feed in braided extensions
  • Hair Tinsel application
  • Special occasion styling – prom, parties etc
  • Braiding parties
  • Learn to braid online lessons (and in person)
  • Hair Wraps
  • Membership of her hair braiding tutorial Facebook group Let's Talk Hair...The Group