World Photography Day 2020

August 19th is World Photography Day.

It is an annual, worldwide celebration of the art, craft, science and history of photography and 2020 is a year when such a celebration takes on a particular poignancy. There are those personal photos that we all love and cherish, but there are also photos that tell a story. They tell us about significant events or enable us to learn more about the planet. Rarely before in human history has such a short period of time changed our world and our lives forever.

In just a few months, our appreciation of certain things has heightened and there are other things we used to treasure which have now plummeted in the importance we now attach to them. There is one constant, however, in this altered reality; and it has increased in emotional value. Our collection of memories. Memories of times before 2020, and memories of both hardship and goodness in 2020. Good professional photographers are skilled at capturing moments in time which then become more memories for us to recall and re-live. Thus, the relevance and impact of photography in society has probably never been so high.


During times of adversity, humans naturally turn to their family and close friends for support and reassurance. As 2020 has gone by these relationships have been rediscovered by some and strengthened by others to become almost essential for the majority. Many of us have been using downtime to create new memories by taking far more photographs than ever before...possibly just in case they are needed for reassurance again in the future!


In recent months there have been many, many things we haven't been able to do...everyday things, special one-off things, and even boring things. Lots of us have dug out old photograph albums and reminisced about past events, and for those people who have had their plans delayed the anticipation is massively increased as their future memories are still to be captured.


Even in hard times, special occasions still occur. Despite the absence of physicality at these celebrations, people have been able to share their joy through photographs which have assumed even more importance in conveying the emotion of the moment.


As society has grappled with its 2020 restrictions and new boundaries, there has been a growing mood of appreciation of the "base" things in life. These are the ever-present attributes of our environment which have been often over-looked as we lived our pre-2020 lives. Capturing these vistas has taken on a new importance and they serve to remind us that not everything will change.

Finally, 2020 has reinforced the importance and relevance of photography, to photographers themselves. Tackling the recent challenges through my photography has been an uplifting experience for me and has helped keep the dark days at bay. I have had new found time to practice, experiment with different things, and re-confirm that photography is not only my profession, but also definitely my passion.


Live, Laugh, Love & capture EVERY moment. #worldphotographyday #worldphotographyday2020

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