You have probably spent lots of time looking at many wedding photographers' portfolios. You have also possibly explored the numerous blogs out there giving advice about how to make a final selection. Of course, there are the usual important decision factors of price, photography style, ease of working with, and experience. Equally as important, but often over-looked, is to gauge the "customer centricity" of a photographer i.e. to be able to answer the question "is this person really going to give me the photographs I want?"

Let's take the example of buying a wedding dress. Rarely does a bride look at a few on-line pictures, place an order, and then, on the day of the wedding, put on the dress. Most of the time, it is too important an item not to take more rigour in having the "right one". So, time is usually spent after a purchase "getting to know" the dress by having multiple fitting sessions with the supplier. At each session the supplier listens to feedback on how the dress fits and looks, and then makes alterations accordingly. Through building a continuous relationship with the wedding dress supplier the bride is able to share her thoughts and ultimately get the dress she longs for.

So, why doesn't the same happen for your wedding photographs?

Sure, most wedding photographers will offer to have a consultation, "coffee chat", or such like. They might meet their customer to fill out details on a booking form and explain "how they usually operate". And the next time there is any meaningful contact will, most often than not, be on the day of the wedding itself.

Over many years of photographing weddings I have learned that I need to thoroughly understand a couple's wishes, fears, and needs about their wedding day photography. It is really simple...a deeper understanding = a customer with a set of photographs they love! And the best way of doing this is to actually work together with a couple in a real photography session BEFORE their wedding day.

So, what happens after booking leading up to your BIG DAY?

As part of my Full Day package you are entitled to have a PRE-WEDDING SHOOT, usually at your chosen ceremony venue. I will contact you roughly 6 - 9 months in advance to book a convenient date for you.  If you want your session even further in advance so you can use the images on "save the date cards" etc then please feel free to contact me.


Lots of my clients choose to use these photographs on picture boards or such like at their wedding so ideally you should leave at least 3 months between this shoot and your wedding day to give enough time to produce a high quality set of prints.

6 - 8 weeks before your wedding I will contact you to arrange a face to face session where you have the opportunity to describe your thoughts about any other specific poses or shots you would like captured on the wedding day.  If you would like this to be an extra walk around your venue, then I'm very happy to do so. By this time we will know each other pretty well so please feel free to say whatever you like!

In the week preceding your wedding I will contact you to check if there are any last minute things I should know and also confirm my arrival time and location.

After your wedding, it usually takes me between 15 -20 working days to hand edit the photographs. I will publish them in an on-line gallery for you to review and if necessary adjust any editing or framing. At this point you will receive your USB drive and presentation box and, if requested, any details about albums or other keepsakes.

I would like to thank you for reading this blog and if you have any questions then please feel free to contact me using the social icons below or on my mobile.


Live, Laugh, Love. And capture every moment.

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